Day 25:Last Cutscene and start of gameplay.

Finished the last cutscene of the project, i will be revisiting them in the section devoted to sound. This part of the course its amazing it feels more like a animation/direction course but thats in part what i like about videogames it is another way of story telling, with the plus of the interaction of the user with the content, one can either create a linear way of story telling but with user engament since they are the one doing the actions. Or a multi-ending kind of thing or something open to the interpretation and anything in between it really is an amazing way of creating content.

On the other hand, started the first part of the gameplay for this project, this time is a game heavy on sneeking and with a force camera like Resident Evil the original one. Today i began with the basic controlers for a 3D character, and the animations, also working on the different triggers for the cinematics, nothing much else done, today was 25 of december so i needed sometime for the family i dont get why coding is not a family activity since its so much fun!!

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