DAY 1: Physicist to Unity dev

This is the first day of a 30 day journey into perfecting my unity skills and get industry ready. So I get myself the objective to become a fully employable unity dev by January1, 2021. I will explain more in the subsequent paragraphs, but as the image shows this will be achieved going trough the teachings of GameDevHQ.

So… why Unity development being a physicist?

Let me begin by saying : I love physics. I am passionate about science in general, i have the perception of science, more so physics, as a way to understand and predict the world around us. However, is a lot more than that science is every where from the coffee machine that we use in the morning, to the GPS we use to get to work and sometimes even embedded in the music we hear. Science sometimes is used as an active tool, like the formulas needed for GPS to work (thanks Eisntein), and sometimes is used in a passive role, like using the scientific method to do research. But the “truth” is science is all around us, sometimes making our life easier, sometimes working as a fountain of knowledge and sometimes being used for war and more sinister purposes.

So, what does that have to do with game development?. The answer to that lays in the way science is taught and the value we give to science studies as a society. People have the misconception that science is boring and difficult, that the concepts are too hard to understand and this misconception might be coming from the way we teach science. Along with this idea, Igive myself the mission to break in some way that traditional way of teaching science and spark interest in the youth, i find the way for me is game development.

I myself feel that I find sometimes science boring, but in reality,I find boring the way science is presented to me.

So… how can this two diciplines merge to make science fun?

One of the main reasons i became a scientist was because of the movie trilogy, Back to the future, I was fascinated with the possibility and impossibility of time travel, and I know a lot of people with similar histories with books or other movies. But as Dewey from Malcom in the middle says“The Future Is Now, Old Man”.

VR is to me the next step in science education, and given the paradigm shift caused by the pandemic, is now more than ever that we need this kind of solution and also restore the public confidence in science, so that not only the youth is interested in this topic, but the world in general invests the time and money.

Unity is moving hard on XR so is Oculus, the industry is booming. There was something like 3400 new jobs for unity device just the last month, and Oculus is investing hard in advancing the XR technology and making VR affordable for the masses. Looking at this i ask :

In the end, I embark on this journey with a long term goal of creating tools and experiences using XR, VR, MR and whichever combination possible, to teach science and spark that interest in the area in whomever is willing to give it a chance. In the mid term to find a job in the industry. In the short term to polish my unity skills and create a portfolio.




Physicist passionate about AI, ML and game development. Embarking on a mission of learning Unity (specially XR), to do simulations and serious games for teachin

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Jhon Vergel

Jhon Vergel

Physicist passionate about AI, ML and game development. Embarking on a mission of learning Unity (specially XR), to do simulations and serious games for teachin

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