Today i have been working on the next few gameplay sections of the project im currently doing.

It was a productive day code-wise but no so much to talk about. Would you belive me almost all code was done in the first try, no bugs detected and a smooth implementation. That was what happen and im to tired today to expand on the code, but following my conviction to keep myself doing this post, mostly to have the presure to always have done something, i am writing and will be expanding tomorrow on all this.

Today i have been doing some research to achieve reflection in 2D, there are a lot of imaginative ways to achive this, some of the best i found in video are this:

So kind of the easy way is using shaders, however i also like some more retro ways as describe in:

In the end, the idea is not to copy any of those solutions, but a guidance since is not a main feature but one i would like to explore by creating a solution to in this case 2D, from the ground up.

So there is one hour until next year and i hope to extend this month of gamedev to a year of gamedev, maybe not daily, it has been a great experience tomorrow will be writhing about the overall experience the things i learned new and the advantages of my background for this field. I feel that any field can add something new to the gamedev scene, but the tecnical part of video games have always been tied to math and physics.

So the future of my gamedev journey would lay on finishing the GameDevHQ certification and start doing my own projects, i have a lot of ideas and i will get the tools and skill to see them through.

Today i did like one line of code that is new year’s eve progress there, 2021 here we come!!!

Today i finished the AI for the enemies, after some debugging and a unity crash i was able to get the code running but… not doing what i wanted, so i got back to the logic and found a variable i and variable j was declared but only used the…

For this part of the project, the idea is to have enemies with well define paths that patrol. Also,the ability to detec the player in a visual field that will be represented with a ligth of cone emitting from the flashligth. The first step taken today was to position the…

All done with the player movement, using point and click and triggers to change the camera behaviour devepending on where one stands in the level.

The point and click part, its done in a way in the course but i have already done some patroling using navmesh and agents before so i rather use that system but in this case for the player, the video shows a easy guide setup for this system and also a simple animation controller.

In the actual game i have more animations to work with and more states but the basics are the same, i was working with some ligthing issues still so tomorrow i thing will take the time to dig deep and learn whats going on, and also finish the animation controller, with some smooth turning and such.

Today i completed the GameOver animation, exploring the timeline asset of unity. Had to workout the ilumination since the last baking process was predicting 8 hours at 99 percent of my cpu, changed some configurations and nothing change so i took to the good old google, and found the solution deleting all the library folder and then it worked.

On the other hand compleated week 2 of the Data science course, nothing new just some practice jupyter notebooks and a couple of quizes. The course is 4 weeks long but i think i can finish it before 2021, maybe.

Jhon Vergel

Physicist passionate about AI, ML and game development. Embarking on a mission of learning Unity (specially XR), to do simulations and serious games for teachin

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